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EMDR Psychotherapy for Complex Trauma and Dissociation – 
Advanced Certi
ficate Course 

Trainer:  Dr Maggie Poon, Psy.D.

Registered Clinical Psychologist in Hong Kong

Dates: Mar 12-13, 2022, 9:30am-5:00pm

Format: Online - Zoom Webinar (conducted in Chinese language)


EMDR International Association (EMDRIA) Credits: 12

EC Program Approval Number: #19032-01

 Course Summary 

•    Understand complex trauma 
•    Characteristics of traumatic memories
•    Understand dissociation
•    Phase-oriented treatment approach
•    EMDR
•    Child attachment and complex trauma
•    Case conceptualization and treatment strategy
•    Applying attachment theory in EMDR

About the Trainer 

Maggie Wai-ling POON, Psy.D., is a Registered Clinical Psychologist in Hong Kong. Dr Poon is an EMDR International Association Approved Consultant in EMDR.  She had worked in a public welfare organization for 21 years prior to her practice in the independent private sector.  She is an experienced trainer and has presented in many conferences. 



This 2-day webinar has been recognized by the following professional societies as continued education activities): 

  • The Nursing Council of Hong Kong (CNE 12pts approved)  

  • Social Workers Registration Board (CE 12pts approved)

  • Hong Kong Institute of Clinical Psychologists (HKICP CPD-CP 12pts pending)

  • Hong Kong Psychological Society Division of Clinical Psychologists (CE 12pts pending)

  • Hong Kong Psychological Society Division of Counselling Psychologists (CE 12pts pending)

  • Hong Kong Psychological Society Division of Educational Psychologists (CE 12pts pending)

  • EMDRIA (for those who have completed at least Level I EMDR basic training)

Day 1 Outline 

I. Overview Of Complex Trauma

  • Definitions & Symptoms

  • Traumatic/Pathogenic Memories

II. Attachment & Complex Trauma

  • Attachment & Self-concept

  • Attachment & Self-regulation

III. Overview Of Dissociation

  • Facts About Dissociation

  • Theories Of Dissociation

1. Structural Dissociation Of Personality
2. Ego States Theory

Day 2 Outline 

I.Assessment Tools For Dissociation

  • Dissociative Experience Scale

  • Multidimensional Inventory Of Dissociation

II. Phased-oriented Treatment Approach

  • Preparation & Stabilization

  • Stabilization Exercise: 

1. Pros & Cons Of Meditation
2. Memory Container Exercise

  • Management of Dissociation: 

1. Meeting Place Or Dissociative Table Technique

2. Working On Defences: Transformation & Updating

III. Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing

  • 8 Phases Of Standard Protocol Of EMDR

1. Adaptive Information Processing Model
2. Memory Reconsolidation
3. Treatment Goal & Sequence


1. Please fill in the registration form> with payment proof: 

via WhatsApp: (+852)55791101, email: or post to: 

Psychological Health Company Limited

Suite 1201, Lee Kum Kee Central, 54-58 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong


2. click here to register online (registration closed)

Tuition: HK $3400


For inquiry, please contact Ms. Dan via Tel/WhatsApp: (+852)55791101

or email to:

Note: registration deadline is March 5, 2022

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