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2-Day Intensive Training via Zoom Live Webinar, with Cloud Recording for Review Purposes

法證評估、法庭報告和專家證人培訓 - 


Forensic Assessment, Court Report & Expert Witness Training for Mental Health Professionals - Certificate Course


April 24-25 (Sat & Sun) 9:30am-5:30pm

陳文瀚大律師 Mr Edward Chan, Barrister

何美怡醫生 Dr Robyn Ho, Forensic Psychiatrist
徐佩宏博士 Dr Ephraem Tsui, Clinical Psychologist

鄭健榮博士 Dr Sammy Cheng, Clinical Psychologist

Medium of instruction

training to be conducted in Cantonese and supplemented with English; lecture notes provided in English

 Target Audience  

Psychologists, psychiatrists, medical doctors, social workers, counselors, allied health professionals, legal practitioners, students of mental health or legal studies, and individuals interested in forensic psychology and psychiatry


 Why You Should Attend     

  • A rare opportunity to learn first-hand from experts about forensic psychological assessment, forensic psychiatric evaluation, court report preparation and expert witness testimony     

  • Know the legal system involving mental health issues     

  • Understand the important functions of an expert, techniques and etiquette in the courtroom as well as major principles in giving expert testimony      

  • Gain insights from legal perspective, psychological perspective and psychiatry perspective

  • Integrate knowledge from case illustrations

 Unique Course Design  

Cover different perspectives including the: 

  • psychiatry perspective

  • legal perspective

  • psychological perspective

  • case sharing

 Course Outline - Day 1  

(9:30am-12:30pm, 2:00pm-5:30pm) 

Part 1. Psychiatry Perspective (Dr Robyn Ho)

Aim: Understand the key elements in forensic psychiatry with case studies

Areas to be covered

1.  Concept of forensic psychiatry 
2.  Interview patients 
3.  Types of forensic evaluations involving criminal cases
4.  Types of forensic evaluations involving civil cases 
5.  Write professional forensic medical reports
6.  Essentials know-how as a good expert witness in court
7.  Case sharing


Part 2. Psychological Assessment (Dr Sammy Cheng)

Aim: Understand forensic psychological assessment

Areas to be covered:
1.  Differentiate clinical and forensic psychological assessment 
2.  Know the common forensic assessment tools
3.  Understand the significance of symptom validity and performance validity tests 
4.  Use of various tests with case illustrations 

 Course Outline - Day 2 

(9:30am-12:30pm, 2:00pm-5:30pm) 

Part 3. A Legal Perspective (Mr Edward Chan, Barrister)

Aim: Gain practical legal knowledge for experts who are enlisted to prepare reports and give evidence in court as experts

Areas to be covered:

1.  Legal system in Hong Kong

2.  Different hierarchy of the courts and tribunals hearing of civil and criminal matters

3.  Types of cases requiring the help and evidence from psychologists, psychiatrists, or mental professionals

4.  Specific legal concepts involving mental health:

     a) fitness to plead  b) diminished responsibility

     c) the mental capacity to make a will or conduct civil trials 

5.  General procedures of court cases:

     a) order of speeches  b) examination-in-chief  c) cross-examination 

6.  The essential elements of a convincing expert report 

7.  Technique and etiquette in the courtroom:

     a) providing evidence  c) answering questions

8.  Common mistakes of expert witnesses

9.  Overall importance & functions of an expert

Part 4. Psychological Perspective (Dr Ephraem Tsui)

Aim: Learn the major principles in preparing forensic reports and giving effective expert testimony in court
Areas to be covered:
1.   Different types of court reports
2.   Considerations for agreeing or disagreeing to prepare a court report
3.   Confidentiality issues in court cases
4.   Structure, format, and style of a court report
5.   Submitting a court report and supplementary report
6.   Preparation as an expert witness in court
7.   The essentials of court etiquette for expert witnesses
8.   Admission process for an expert witness in court
9.   Ways to present expert evidence during examination-in-chief
10. Handling difficult questions during cross-examination

Q&A sessions on both day 1 & day 2

Lecture-note book will be mailed to paid registrants

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1.報讀資格: 中學學歷或以上





6.Zoom Cloud 課堂錄影不能代替上課,舉辦單位只提供部分課堂內容幫助學生重温

報名步驟 1 - 填冩以下資料

The Course has been recognized as

Continuing Professional Development Activity:  

  • 香港醫學專科學院 (香港精神科醫學院)  (CME 12pt approved) 

  • 香港護士管理局 (CNE 11pt approved) 

  • 社會工作者註冊局 (CE 12pt approved)

  • 香港物理治療學會 (CE 5pt approved)

  • 香港臨床心理學家公會 (CPD-CP 12分 approved) 

  • 香港心理學會臨床心理組 (CE 12pt approved)

  • 香港心理學會輔導心理學部 (CE 12pt approved)

  • 香港心理學會教育心理學部 (CE 12pt approved)

  • 香港心理學會工業與組織心理學部 (CE 12pt approved)

Welcome Message

The evidence of mental health experts has a pivotal role in many civil and criminal cases; lawyers and judges rely upon the experts’ knowledge in the highly technical areas to ensure a fair trial. 

As the organizer for this event, we hope to encourage more mental health professionals to broaden their scope of work to include the challenging yet meaningful duties in forensic expert services. We invite psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, counselors, and others colleagues in the mental health and legal fields to participate. Whether you are already providing forensic services or just interested in broadening your skills, this 2-day intensive training course is a rare opportunity for you to gain a deeper understanding of forensic expert services.

We welcome you to our professional learning community! We would also like to thank our trainers for their enthusiasm and generosity to share their comprehensive knowledge, extensive experience and practical skills. 

About the Trainers

Barrister Edward Chan - was educated in the University of Manchester, where he obtained his LLB, before returning to Hong Kong to practice law as a solicitor. He set up Chan, Wong & Lam in 1991. He handled litigation while he was a solicitor, specializing in criminal, matrimonial, commercial and bankruptcy laws and attended trials as an advocate. He became a barrister in 2012. He is currently a Principal Lecturer at the Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong and a barrister handling numerous court trials, including appeals in the Court of Appeal and Court of Final Appeal.  

Dr Robyn Ho - graduated from medical and psychiatric training in the UK. She later continued her training at Castle Peak Hospital and became a Specialist in Psychiatry in 2008. She also attained a Master in Social Sciences (Criminology) in 2010. From 2005 to 2012, Dr Ho worked in the only Department of Forensic Psychiatry in Hong Kong. She had assessed and managed over 2500 forensic psychiatric patients both in Castle Peak Hospital and Siu Lam Psychiatric Centre and written over 2000 psychiatric reports for court. She was appointed as an expert witness for numerous trials in Magistrate, District and High Courts of HKSAR. Dr Ho authored several popular forensic books including:《失常罪–法醫精神科醫生的代告白》、《失常罪2–法網中的異色世界》、《不在場證人–法醫精神科醫生工作手記》


Dr Ephraem Tsui - completed his clinical psychology training at the Institute of Psychiatry in UK in 1990. He served as Clinical Psychologist for the Hong Kong Correctional Services and had assessed hundreds of offenders for courts and statutory boards. In 1999, he joined the Hong Kong Police Force offering full-time psychological assistance in criminal investigation and forensic matters. He had assisted and testified as expert witness in various high profile court cases. He retired from the Government in 2015 and had taught at the University of Hong Kong Department of Psychology as well as the City University of Hong Kong Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences. Dr Tsui holds a Master of Science degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of London and a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Hong Kong. He is an appointed Member of the Mental Health Review Tribunal.


Dr Sammy Cheng - obtained his master's degree in clinical psychology at the University of Hong Kong, and Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He had worked as a clinical psychologist in various hospitals under the Hospital Authority for about 20 years, including Kwai Chung Hospital, Yan Chai Hospital, Caritas Medical Centre and Princess Margaret Hospital. He has rich clinical experience in diagnosis, assessment and treatment for children, adolescents, adults and elderly with psychiatric or psychological disorders. He has served as an expert witness in court while working for the Hospital Authority and in private practice. He is experienced in writing forensic psychological assessment reports for patients with work-related injury and trauma, as well as criminal charges or legal issues. 

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