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心理創傷與創傷後遺症 - 證書課程
Psychological Trauma & PTSD - Certificate Course


學生的課後反饋 : 

Course feedback by Psychologists, Counselors, Psychiatric Nurses, Social Workers...etc from Hong Kong, Macau & USA: 

  • 對整體課程設計感到很滿意, 從Dr. Poon的教學資料及編排,就知道她設計教學資料時, 是經過詳細考量的,而且講解得很清楚。我能感受到她對她每位受助者的真誠, 很專業地為她每位獨特的受助者作出適切的治療......

  • 能夠找到非常有經驗的Dr Maggie Poon ,最喜歡她曾說創傷只是分析個案的其中一個架構,建議同工應多方面考慮個案。而且她分享影片都有血有肉,很精彩。

  • Dr Poon 具豐富理論根基及臨床經驗,用心設計課程,講解深入淺出,附以影片,讓抽象概念具體化,更易掌握同明白。 Dr Liu 經驗豐富,講解明白。

  • Dr. Poon 能將深奧的理論簡單而清晰的解釋,讓學員容易明白和理解,並透過不同的個案、影片加以說明,效果非常好,非常有感謝!

  • Dr. Poon擁有十分多clinical experience, 她用了很多比喻及故事解除,希望可有更深入的班。

  • Dr Poon對PTSD的介紹及實務十分專業,並運用不同劇集將深的概念轉化為較簡單,讓學生容易掌握及記得,謝謝!

  • Lecture notes的整理非常方便,十分喜歡及感覺專業,內容亦是十分有用。

  • Dr. Poon 有很多臨床經驗分享及選擇影片讓參加者更掌握概念及徵狀。兩位講者善於將真實個案,電影情節和個人經驗結合,以清楚表達課程內容。

  • 案例能有效呈現評估及治療技巧,影片、繪本及圖像亦能加深對內容的理解。

  • 有教材+影片及實際案例說明,更容易容易明白情緒發生的過程及因素。

  • Dr. Poon 利用很多教材(圖畫、映片、親身臨床案例)。講解到位精要,並會善用例子、影片解釋內容。

  • Dr Maggie Poon分享得十分生動有趣,辛苦了!

  • Dr Maggie Poon對於詞彙運用及解釋好清楚易懂。

  • 非常欣賞是次課程的主題實用、而講者準備的內容也很豐富! 

  • 課題講議,還有片段或例子配合,容易明白也更加深刻。

  • 深入淺出, 導師用個案解釋的部分, 比較容易理解。

  • 講者講解十分詳盡、生動,並能回應不同類型的問題。

  • 臨床個案例子及短片說明讓更易明白,問題用心解答。

  • On line lecture克服地域限制,為其他地區有需要人士提供課程。

  • 講解非常清晰,並加上短片及真實例子說明,很好。

  • 有個案例子討論、多角度解釋PTSD、易掌握知識。

  • 內容豐富,例子貼地,便於理解

  • 足夠的案例分享,更深入地了解; 課程內容非常專業及資料豐富

  • 講者用心準備,PPT清晰有序,易於明解

  • Dr. Maggie Poon's generous and inspiring teaching and sharing. She is experienced, professional, and very genuine. I particularly like the teaching materials she had prepared. I look forward to attending more seminars and courses delivered by Dr. Poon in the near future, especially on topics related to psychological trauma, EMDR, and hypnosis.

  • Excellent course! Very impressive for 1) Dr POON's teaching, good illustration, such as cases , video and painting for different concepts, very important for me to know and learn more; 2) clear path of different intervention direction and components. Thank you so much for the arrangement.

  • Dr. Maggie Poon's teaching and her genuine sharing of clinical experience, on top of her willingness to answer all questions sincerely (though some questions are quite personal or needs more information to be discussed)

  • Dr Poon !!!!! She is an amazing professor...I don’t have any experience in this category, her presentation and case studies gave me very clear msg about PTSD ...but after class I still remember her notes :)

  • Dr. Maggie Poon illustrated various drama clips as teaching examples, which let me gain a better understanding of the concepts!

  • Zoom quite good. Very flexible. Hope will attend more zoom class and hope the upcoming classes will be in zoom format.

  • Dr. Poon was able to provide concrete and easily understood examples to explain her points

  • Like the physical copy of notes, zoom recordings for review, include both psychiatrist and clinical psychologist.

  • Dr. Maggie Poon shared her clinical experience and her comprehensive analysis.

  • Provide sufficient notes; appreciate of adding videos to illustrate concepts.

  • Cases sharing; clinical practice tips and knowledges; interesting videos.

  • Very informative and explained with proper examples and case sharing.






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Institute of Psychological Health

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