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Cogmed Working Memory Training®
Cogmed 工作記憶訓練 - 提高專注力!

Cogmed是專為因「工作記憶」(Working Memory) 不足而導致學習、工作、甚至日常生活出現困難的兒童和成人而設的課程。Cogmed由培生臨床評估集團 (Pearson Clinical Assessment Group,全球最大的教育書籍及評核產品出版商)提供,以實證研究為基礎,透過一系列的電腦遊戲練習、結合認可導師的支援來提升學員的「工作記憶」容量。適合以下各類患者參加:


•    兒童和成人專注力失調
•    兒童和成人學習障礙
•    腦損或中風患者
•    老年人認知能力下降


Who can benefit from Cogmed?
Cogmed Working Memory Training® , an evidence-based program designed to improve attention problems caused by poor working memory, has been brought to you by Pearson Clinical Assessment Group, the world's largest educational books and assessment tools publisher.  Cogmed Working Memory Training® is a solution for individuals who are held back by their working memory capacity, including several large groups: 

•    Children and adults with attention deficits
•    Children and adults with learning disorders
•    Victims of brain injury or stroke
•    Adults with the natural effects of aging

To enroll in Cogmed, please contact Dr. Sammy Cheng Psychological Services, a Cogmed Qualified Practice located in Central district, Hong Kong.  

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